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Unlock the power of your workplace with user-centered design, delivery and management services. Drive business strategy, inspire human performance and increase employee engagement.

With deep expertise in Workplace Strategy, Experience Consulting, Change Management and Occupancy Management, we help our clients identify opportunities to reduce and/or reallocate their costs, more effectively manage their resources, improve employee engagement and make decisions faster.

What we can do for you

Future of Work Curation
Utilize a comprehensive discovery process to curate your Future of Work philosophy & guidelines basis the changing landscape and evolving business needs

Utilization Mapping

  • Comprehensive data gathering with quantitative analysis to understand how the current workplace is being utilized and any related opportunities
  • Encompasses the study of workstations, meeting rooms, and other collaboration spaces

Workplace Strategy

  • Formulate a strategy for the workplace in line with the changing business needs and evolving external environment
  • Helping you make informed, data-driven decisions for your real-estate investments ensuring business objectives are met, employee effectiveness bolstered, and brand strengthened


Design Guidance

  • Helping translate vision and strategy into the physical space
  • Handhold the architects on board – review of floor plans, furniture selection, etc.


Change Management

  • Creating a participative ecosystem that is owned and role modeled by leaders & champions
  • Ensuring seamless transition to the new workplace / ways of working


Experience Consulting

  •  Curating interactions with people, processes, technology, services, events and management to ‘elevate the everyday’
  • Journey mapping & enhancing experience across elements such as parking, food, meeting room booking solution, way finding, etc.

Occupancy & Space Planning

  • Manage ongoing workplace supply-demand through space data and business engagement, ensuring that the strategy is translated to reality
  • Use space, cost, and workstyle intelligence to provide insights and foresight into how workplaces can be optimally utilized, without impacting user experience

Our Value Proposition

  • Largest established team in India, spread across 4 cities
  • Expansive experience with both greenfield & brownfield sites
  • Established thought-leadership and sharing of best practices across regions


Key Highlights

Our Ideology

  •  We push for transformation.
    Our clients hire us to help them drive change. Our recommendations are derived from understanding how people work today and how that is different from how the organization wants/needs them to work in the future.
  • We put your people first.
    Your workplace should be more than a workhouse for your people; it must be an enabler to helping them achieve what you hired them to do and how you want them to work in the future.
  • We focus on insight, not tools.
    While we are continually modifying and evolving our tools so that we gather more rich and relevant information, our focus is always on deriving insights from the data we collect - not just reporting it.
  • We test solutions and make mistakes so that you don’t have to.
    Through CBRE’s Workplace360 program, we’re discovering first-hand the opportunities and challenges that come with rolling out workplace programs. We’re constantly learning and evolving our workplace solutions and sharing our lessons learnt, particularly on how we convinced our people to change, with our clients.
  • We leverage the breadth of our expertise that exists within CBRE to ensure our recommendations are comprehensive and achievable.
    CBRE is the most expansive provider of services to the built environment, ever. No other real estate company, architectural firm, or management consultant can leverage the breadth of our platform or the insight we drive from the global clients we serve.


Sectors Covered

Front Office | Back Office | Analytics | Transformation | Operations | Call Center | Tech Team | Traders

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