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Flexible Space Solutions

Leverage our team’s knowledge, market expertise and experience in the flex market, whether you’re a business looking for desk space, an operator looking for a new location, or a landlord looking to run your building as a flex space. We’ll help you incorporate flexibility into your strategy.


Deep Expertise, Holistic Approach

As the largest broker of flexible office space in the world, we have real-time data on 70% of the global agile market and an experienced team of flexible experts globally. Our clients range from the most sophisticated agile users down to the smallest startups. We bring our best advice, data and creativity to every transaction, no matter how small.

What Are Agile Or Flexible Workspace Solutions?

Agile or Flexible workspace solutions are fully furnished and serviced real estate offerings provided by operators/ service providers to end users with potential flexibilities built in around design, tenure, area, locations etc. in the solution. They are conceptualized and designed to support the dynamic and nimble business objectives and employee needs of today and tomorrow.

Why Does Agility Matter?

Agility delivers more effective workplaces and assets, and streamlines portfolios, helping organizations drive better business performance, attract & retain talent/tenants, and increase asset value.

Occupiers Usually Consider Flexible Solutions

  1. While planning multi-city expansion
  2. For consolidating multiple offices
  3. While accommodating mobile teams and temporary workforce
  4. While dealing with excess space
  5. While entering a new geography/location
  6. To avoid fit-out investments/Convert Capex to Opex
  7. When they want a single vendor for all services
  8. To cater to short-term need or immediate expansion
  9. To cater to headcount volatility or phased growth
  10. While entering a new geography/location
  11. For launching satellite offices/locations

What Are The Benefits Of Agile Workplace For You?

  • More flexibility, faster growth: With flexibility in terms of leases, you will be able to grow your business and get spaces that can support your growth.
  • Adaptable environment for variable headcount: Your headcount is in flux, and you need solutions to make workforce planning strategic as easily as possible with the most effective cost scenario.
  • More collaboration, better productivity: To improve the well-being, productivity, and efficiency of your employees at work with better flexibility and collaboration.
  • Opportunity to network: Encourage employees to incorporate networking within a typical workday and offer opportunities to network beyond their own teams as much as possible in the office.
  • Easily expandable: You have an immediate need for expansion and look for flexible workplaces.


Hor Do You Achieve Agility?

At CBRE, we have helped global organizations leverage the power of flexible workspaces for agility in real estate. We create unique and practical strategies that increase productivity, drive efficiency, provide appropriate flexibility and deliver rich experiences to employees and tenants.
As real estate leaders, we are embracing innovation and change with a 360-degree agile real estate approach to achieve unmatched outcomes. Speak to our consultants to find out what solutions we can offer for your evolving organizational goals.

Additional Benefits Of Opting For Agile Or Flexible Workspaces Solutions

  • Financial Efficiencies
  • Flexibilities around area, tenure, locations, etc.
  • Subscription models like day passes to experiment with employee usage and convenience
  • Virtual Offices to add new registered offices and locations without acquiring additional real estate
  • Free access to all locations in an operator’s portfolio
  • Flexibility to switch from one location to another

Agile Or Flexible Workspace Variants

  • Start-Up Coworking / Incubators / Accelerators - Open, affordable, and shared workspace setups that provide space to early-stage startups along with access to network of mentors, events, investors, support services and other valuable resources for supporting and nurturing the businesses of their members
  • Enterprise Coworking Spaces - Vibrantly designed, fully furnished, and serviced shared workspaces consisting of a mix of private cabins, dedicated/open desks, meeting rooms, etc. that are leased out to various clients on a workstation basis for flexible tenures with a higher focus on enterprises and reasonable focus on startups, community, and collaboration
  • Business Centers - Fully serviced fitted out spaces leased out to multiple clients on a workstation basis for flexible tenures. These spaces usually comprise multiple small private suites to cater to short term needs for smaller teams from enterprise customers. Low focus on community and collaborative spaces
  • Managed Offices - Fully customized, furnished private or semiprivate, serviced facilities maintained and operated by an operator usually for a single tenant who agrees to pay a composite fee for its long-term use

How Do You Achieve Flexibility – CBRE Approach

At CBRE, we have helped many startups and large organizations leverage the power of flexibility. We create unique and practical strategies that help enhance productivity, flexibility and efficiencies while optimizing real estate portfolios to ensure best outcome and experiences for our clients. Speak to our consultants to find out what solutions we can offer for your evolving organizational goals. Leverage our team’s knowledge, domain expertise and experience to make informed decisions about incorporating flexibility into your office portfolio.

Our Advantage: Our Agile Lease Calculator Tool

CALC CBRE Agile Lease Calculator
CALC is designed to accurately calculate the best leasing options for your company by comparing the cost of Coworking Lease and Traditional Lease to determine the right balance between flexibility and cost. 

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