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Accelerate your journey to net-zero, improve the resiliency and reliability of your real estate and reduce the total cost of ownership of your portfolio. 


Energy & Sustainability Integrated Solutions

As demonstrated by our science-based targets, corporate commitments and the amount of real estate we manage on behalf of our clients, we play an out sized role in helping to limit the rise in global temperatures. Facilities management is core to sustainability, and with our mix of on-site teams, subject matter experts and supply chain partners, we improve the efficiency and sustainability of building operations.

CBRE’s Science based targets

  • 68% reduction in global operations scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 from 2019 levels
  • 79% reduction in emissions per square foot in facilities CBRE manages for occupiers by 2035
  • 67% reduction in emissions per square foot in facilities CBRE manages for investors by 2035
  • 100% renewable electricity by 2035, including transitioning our vehicle fleet to electric vehicles

Our Approach

Our aim is to reduce the total cost of ownership of our clients’ portfolios and their journey to net-zero as a transition program implemented across the integrated facilities management operating model, requiring strong coordination, collaboration and systems working across the value chain within a robust governance structure.

Our Program

Our methodology brings together talent, capabilities, and experience as a global property occupier, investor and manager to achieve carbon neutrality commitments, improve portfolio resiliency and reduce asset life-cycle costs, while mitigating risk and friction within company operations as these changes are deployed.

Our Principles to Drive Meaningful Results

  • Holistic Growth: To ensure holistic growth, we address water consumption, waste/recycling, energy supply and all of energy demand’s load segments (plug, lighting, and HVAC) for the entire portfolio that also helps the organization in maximizing savings at a fast pace.
  • Data-Driven: Leveraging actionable information, we prioritize activities for effective identification of improvement areas.
  • Standard Practices: We have devised standard operating practices that are built upon our years of global experience.
  • Tech-Enabled: Our processes are powered by the latest technologies to multiple resources, generate more accurate results and identify hidden opportunities.
  • Robust Tracking: Our measurement and verification processes ensure that results are tracked with complete objectivity and transparency, increasing confidence in the program.
  • Engagement: Cultural engagement with clients unlocks the saving potential of the entire organization, encouraging them to work with the program rather than against it.
  • Practical Goals: Setting practical and achievable goals energizes teams to perform their best.

Our Services

  1. Energy Management Plan
  2. Sustainability Consulting
  3. Energy Procurement & RE100 Support
  4. Annual Sustainability Report
  5. Energy Audits
  6. Data Management
  7. Water & Waste Management Plan
  8. Specialized Tests like: IAQ, Water Quality
  9. Utility invoice processing
  10. Power Trading

CBRE Corporate Responsibility

Learn about our accomplishments as a commercial real estate industry leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.


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