Transform Business Outcomes

Omnichannel Real Estate Solutions

Keep up with the rapid evolution of retail by rethinking your store footprints, reworking your supply chains, and reevaluating the ways consumers engage with your product.


Rise of Omni-channel

A steady growth of online retailing with a generous push due to the pandemic, online shopping becoming more real than it has ever been before. Brands are exploring new ways to boost their sales assisted by virtual trial rooms, video-based assisted shopping services, etc. To enrich the customer value proposition and/or to reduce cost, retailers are now focused on providing a seamless shopping experience for customers across different marketing/sales channels.

Optimal Retail Footprint

To enable the end consumers to experience, shop and return products anytime & anywhere, retailers need a combination of channels:

  • Flagship stores
  • Neighbourhood stores
  • Pop-up store
  • Last-mile dark stores
  • Online marketplace
  • Brands’ own website / sales channel


Our retail and industrial offerings are integrated to help you improve your brand, experience and service through optimized supply chains, connected footprints and efficient operations. Our specialists help you meet your consumers’ expectations with a supply chain that determines the optimal flow of product through retail and dark channels alike.

  • With integrated solutions, unique insight, and unmatched experience, we deliver outcomes for retailers, restaurateurs, investors, owners, and developers.