Plan, Lease & Occupy

Cost Optimization

To enable a holistic review of real estate costs across the organization, our team of experts delivers exceptional solutions backed with global expertise and local market insights.


Traditional Vs Flexible Spaces

To compare the cost of a flexible lease with a traditional lease, CBRE has a proprietary tool called CALC, CBRE agile lease calculator, a free web-based platform.

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CALC addresses the two key challenges:

  • These are the different pricing structures between the two models (per sq. ft. per year versus per seat per month along with different inclusions or exclusions) and,
  • The impact of headcount volatility (degree of certainty for growth).

CBRE pre-populates CALC with data for major global markets to create a starting baseline for analysis. This, combined with our ability to execute complex transactions, is what creates meaningful outcomes for our clients.

Own Vs Lease

To secure cost certainty and potential equity, we leverage our expertise across occupier, capital markets and debt and structured finance to evaluate whether to lease or own real estate – helping clients to make smart real estate decisions by considering your future plans and current scenario to create exceptional outcomes for your business.

Building Agility

Pertaining to your headcount requirement, our team of experts curate bespoke solutions to make workforce planning strategic as easily as possible with the most effective cost scenario.