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Investment Risk Monitoring

Monitoring real estate market and project risks to enhance the position of your assets, and facilitate insightful decision making.

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At CBRE, we create real estate solutions of tomorrow so that businesses and people can thrive. Our comprehensive Investment Risk Monitoring and other value-added solutions are designed to gauge the future needs of our clients by taking timely actions to mitigate risks. Various banks, financial institutions, NBFCs, private equity funds, stressed funds, REITs, institutional funds, and government agencies find our services critical in making insightful decisions.

We bring to the table diverse teams of market, technical and financial experts to provide a completely integrated and seamless experience for our clients across the full spectrum of the real estate lifecycle. This, coupled with our on-ground market intelligence and industry experience, allows us to ensure consistency and bespoke performance in every project we deliver.

Technical Due Diligence

  • Business Plan Tracking to monitor project performance in the context of the business plan and market conditions.
  • Approval Status Management to explore development control regulations, analyze buildability and status, review approvals required and cost of obtaining balance approvals, check compliances and deviations in on-ground construction, etc.
  • Project Cost Review to understand project specifications, estimate project cost, review budgeted costs division into major heads, estimate broad quantities for construction, etc.
  • Project Progress/Construction Status Review to know work status, cost to complete and potential impact on completion timelines.

Post Investment Risk Monitoring | Scope

  • Business Plan Tracking to monitor project performance in the context of the business plan and market conditions.
  • Approval Status Management to regularly review project approvals and track project life cycle/stage.
  • Project Progress/Construction Status Review to understand work completion status, assessment of pending works, and impact on timelines and costs.
  • Project Cost Review to check cost budgets and cost spent vis-à-vis work completion.
  • Sales Status Review for MIS analysis, pricing/sales validation, debtor ageing analysis, assessment of timings/quality of future incomes, assessment of cancellation probability, audit of suspicious sales and customer calls to validate sales.
  • Accounts/Finance Review to prepare project cash flow statements, cross-verify cash flows with bank statements, and assess any shortfall and reconciliation.
  • Full-Time Secondment of Resources deploys resources specializing in bills certification/validation, project management, quality/safety assessment, and addresses specific needs of clients for detailed on-site monitoring.

Sales Audit (for sold receivables)

  • Sales agreement review, customer file review
  •  Customer calling and verifications
  • Quality of sold/unsold inventory
  • Diagnostic review of sold units
  • Debtor ageing, probable cancellations
  • Review of customer ledgers, collections in bank accounts
  •  Approval due diligence
  • Verification of architectural plans
  •  Fire and Safety Norms and compliance
  • Infrastructure/Utility assessment ~ health of MEP
  • Environmental assessment
  • Structural Review
  • Facade Review

Why Choose CBRE?

  • First International Property Consultancy providing full scope Monitoring Services since 2012
  • An integrated offering of Technical DD, market study and Valuation to provide a one-stop solution for all pre-investment diligence needs.
  • Largest Valuation and IRM team with 330 resources and 40+ dedicated professionals focusing on IRM service across cities.
  • Capability to undertake large portfolio mandates and deliver uncompromised outputs within short timelines.
  • Unmatched experience that includes the valuation and technical DDs of multiple portfolios having 100+ assets
  • Diverse teams in 9 cities, having strong experience and knowledge of the technical, financial, market as well as valuation.
  • Largest QS/ Cost Consulting team of 300+ billing experts to provide on-site billing review support/ disbursement approval
  • State-of-the-art proprietary technology tools for the finest investment decisions.

Our 2-Step Risk Management Process

Pre-Investment Due Diligence | Scope

  • Business Plan Validation
  • License/Approval Due-Diligence
  • Buildability
  • Construction Progress (Review cost/time to complete)
  • Sales Audit: Sales MIS diagnostic review, reconciliation of sales MIS/agreements/customer/ledgers/bank statements, debtor ageing, etc.
  • Quality and Safety Review
  • Physical Due Diligence

Post Investment Monitoring

  • License/Approval Due-Diligence
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Cost Monitoring
  • Sales Monitoring/Sales Audit
  • Escrow/Account Monitoring and Reconciliation

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