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Unravelling Karnataka’s Policy Measures Through the Realty Lens

November 9, 2023 10 Minute Read

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Leading the way in technology and research & innovation, Karnataka has implemented a raft of targeted policies in recent years to maximise its investment potential and majorly contribute towards its economic growth.

This article attempts to analyse the implications of these policies primarily from the real estate viewpoint. Some of the policy objectives include:

·       Increasing the demand for flexible working spaces, research & development (R&D) centres, technology, engineering & manufacturing, and electronics & electrical sectors in Karnataka’s commercial office segment.

·       Strengthening the global capability centres’ (GCC) ecosystem in the state by facilitating partnerships with startups.

·       Boosting the demand for Data Centres (DC), and plug-and-play and smart warehousing facilities in the state.

·       Increasing the demand for space take-up in the industrial and logistics (I&L) sector for the manufacturing of ancillary units related to defence and space applications, renewable energy, and EV components.


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