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Rise of Chennai's Office Market - Pioneering Growth, Talent and Global Excellence

March 7, 2024 10 Minute Read

Rise of Chennais Office Market  Pioneering Growth Talent and Global Excellence

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India's office market landscape, traditionally dominated by established hubs such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi-NCR, has significantly shifted in recent years. This period has been marked by an expansion beyond these gateway cities, with Chennai and Pune emerging as key growth markets, experiencing a notable rise in leasing activity and office space completions. Chennai, in particular, has exhibited remarkable growth due to several contributing factors, as outlined below.



Chennai’s transformation was underscored by its record-breaking leasing activity in 2023, a milestone that significantly elevated its business landscape. Powered by the growing demand for modern office spaces, Chennai has witnessed a surge in campus-style developments in recent years, appealing to both global and Indian corporates.



This comprehensive report explores the catalysts driving Chennai's ascent as a prominent office market. It further delves into the diverse forces at play, shedding light on the current dynamics and offering insights into the factors that would mould its trajectory in the years ahead.


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