Life Sciences in India - The Sector of Tomorrow

March 14, 2023

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India is one of the fastest growing Life Sciences (LS) markets in the world. The LS sector in the country is poised to see multi-fold growth by 2030 led by fast-increasing population, rising life expectancy, a strong industrial base and inclusive government initiatives. As the LS ecosystem is rapidly evolving, this report explores the current status of the sector, growth opportunities, key drivers and the implications for the real estate sector of the country.

  • India’s demographic dividend, strong industrial base and policy push have acted as the growth drivers for the LS sector in the country
  • The increasing government spending on healthcare sector, cost benefits in terms of affordable manpower & real estate expenses, and the availability of large talent pool are the catalysts of LS growth in India
  • Various central and state level policies have been introduced to boost domestic manufacturing and increase global exports of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products and medical devices from the country
  • India ranks second globally in terms of the number of US FDA-certified plants located outside the US, closely following China

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