India Report - Construction Cost Trends

December 1, 2022

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How have construction costs changed since COVID-19?

Despite the waning impact of the pandemic and initiation of numerous new construction projects, a mix of internal and external forces have created a set of interconnected factors that continue to drive construction costs up. ‘India Construction Cost Trends’ is our annual guidebook on how construction costs and key input material prices have moved over the past year. In this edition, CBRE Research has analysed the impact of several global events and macroeconomic factors on construction costs in 2022 and their likely impact in 2023.

  • The  report discusses overall greenfield construction costs across asset classes and the movement seen in key input material costs.
  • Further, CBRE Research arrived at an input material cost index to gauge the price movement for the basket of the most important input materials that impact construction costs, especially in view of the pandemic and the ongoing geopolitical crisis in Europe.
  • We have also highlighted how fit-out costs have fluctuated over the past few quarters and which cities in India have the highest fit-out costs.
  • To read this analysis as well as get a lowdown of the trends that are expected to shape the construction industry in the coming year, please download the report using the link on the right.