Workplace Design Trends 2023

April 11, 2023

By Gurjot Bhatia

Gurjot Bhatia Blog_Trends

Workplaces play a vital role in efficiency and effectiveness of employees and consequently in an organization’s overall success. A well-structured and designed workplace could prove to be of immense strategic importance over a period. To ensure harmony with environment we need to ensure that an organization's culture, value & brand are adequately reflected through experiences in workplaces. An organization should pay careful attention to providing functional and collaborative workspaces as they will be then able to socialize and perform cross-departmental activities cohesively. And lastly, employee displacement & commute analysis, and team building activities for existing, new, and future hirings should also be factored in. With these all things considered, workplaces could have net positive impact on their employees and yield better outcomes. 

Now looking ahead, lets take a sneak peek at the trendiest workplace designs which could play a major role in shaping offices in 2023:

·Sustainable Office Design: These designs align with the CSR initiatives, which ensure zero carbon emission, use high-efficiency systems with the help of LED or natural lights & passive ventilation, and purchase eco-friendly materials which are handcrafted and made with 100% recycled materials. 

·Open Plan Industrial Style Interiors: This type of setup enables employees to coordinate with departments regardless of the job position which could help them solve complex problems together. Also, this mixture of elements strikes the perfect balance between well-being, function, and style.  

·Bring Nature in with Biophilic Design: Biophilic design focuses on using natural light, sound, and scent from the natural world as it improves an employee’s well-being. 

·Flexibility and Diversity: It is important to have flexibility in a workplace that adjusts to changing needs throughout the day. This could create a sense of belongingness among employees which in turn leads to an increase in productivity and positivity. 

·Technology & Connectivity: Inducing smart technology into office design such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Also, agile workspaces such as booths, work benches, and intimate working zones will lead to an increase in the productivity of employees. 

·Neurodiverse Spaces: This refers to the difference in our brain functions and our different approaches when interpreting information with the use of natural light, sound, and scent from the natural world to improve the well-being of employees. This is possible with the choice of color and fabrics that is used in the workplace. 

In sum, it is crucial to keep an eye out for above office trends as they could effectively shape your organization’s future in 2023, given employees would be willing to work in an environment where they feel at home, they can be a part of cross functional initiatives, stay close to nature and feel the impact of flexibility & diversity with integration of advance technology.