Employee Centricity A Priority

CBRE Mumbai office has been awarded the WELL Certification at Gold level by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI).

07 Oct 2021

By Anshuman Magazine

Employee Centricity A Priority

With various sectors re-evaluating business strategies, there’s a renewed focus on developing modern workspaces that adopt an employee-centric approach – that is a more safe, agile, and flexible. It is expected that this shift, along with rapid urbanization and sub-urbanization, will help businesses evolve and enable a steady revival in the next few years.

In light of the current business scenario, prioritizing employee health and wellbeing is critical. It is important for businesses to understand the evolving need of its workforce, be empathetic – while at the same time generate competitive advantage, focus on resource management and work towards sustained productivity. Implementing all necessary safety norms and re-imagining office spaces that induces employee confidence and comfort will be critical for the next few years.

As businesses across cities reopen their doors to employees, focusing on physical design changes to support health, safety and wellbeing, there’s a need to make everyone feel welcomed and understood. What’s essential to note is that the ‘office’ will continue to evolve as a place for active collaboration, and act as a catalyst for solidifying corporate culture.

At CBRE, we continue to put a major emphasis on improving our health and safety results and processes. The company has considerably expanded its health and safety procedure and increased the number of health and safety professionals globally through acquisitions and organic company development. The combination of these brilliant individuals' capabilities and best practices results in a more capable network of health and safety assistance for the company and our clients, as well as a better and safer work environment and culture for our workers.

With a continual focus of employee health and wellbeing, we’re proud to announce that our Mumbai office has been awarded the WELL Certification at Gold level by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI). Our choice to be among the first to pursue this ground-breaking accreditation represents our belief that the office environment can, and should, contribute to our employee's health, and that true market leadership is about taking big strides forwards.

The office addresses the themes of air, comfort, light, and mind. This plan aimed to provide dynamic and diversified places to meet the demands of various users. This, coupled motivation for employees by incorporating fitness messaging on staircases, standing desks, and providing fitness equipment in the office.

Looking ahead, CBRE will continue to adopt employee-first to business strategies. Receiving a WELL Gold certification during the pandemic is yet another testimony of our commitment and dedication towards creating a safe and healthy workplace environment for our employees to achieve their ambitions.