Decoding Green Construction Strategy

December 6, 2022

By Gurjot Bhatia


Green buildings, fossil fuel conservation, clean energy… all these factors have created a buzz in the real estate industry. A quieter part, however, that often goes unnoticed but has great potential in achieving sustainability targets is the construction phase. With most green building certifications, including the LEED certification, placing little emphasis on the construction phase, sustainability was a lesser concern for contractors. However, the landscape is evolving as developers realize the importance of green buildings in not only addressing global concerns but also reducing costs, fetching higher sales prices & better rental premiums.

According to our recent report, India Construction Cost Trends, “Effectiveness of ESG implementation becomes visible in the long term in the form of increased/renewed investor interest, staff retention, health and engagement of employees.” Here’s a look at some sustainable techniques that can have a big impact on your project.

Controlled Constructing Environment

Developers have realized that construction in a controlled environment can improve building quality and reduce trash generation substantially. The use of BIM (Building Information Management), for instance, allows contractors to cut metal sheets in a controlled environment limiting the problems triggered by warm or cold weather. Many construction firms have now started pre-fabricating various construction materials to achieve efficiency and reduce wastage from damages. It has helped them save time and improve quality by many folds.

Construction Waste Management

Recycling and managing construction waste can reduce #andfills, costs & carbon footprint. Good #wastemanagement can help organizations reduce landfill requirements substantially and save their time and efforts for waste segregation.

Another factor is recycling, which helps reduce waste generation. Materials like concrete can be crushed and utilized as an aggregate for parking lots or in laying the foundation

Material Selection

If you’re seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for your building, sustainable material selection can fetch you a lot of points. This includes sourcing materials from local vendors and using recycled products in the process. From bamboo flooring to low-flow faucets and dual-flush toilets, all these measures can help you reduce resource consumption and achieve sustainability in the longer run. Reducing water use is especially a major concern and fetches developers more points in LEED certification.

Final Words

The green construction wave has already begun as occupiers, investors and developers are inclined towards sustainable choices with growing sensitivity toward global concerns. While the primary costs of sustainability implementation in construction entail upfront costs & higher CapEx, the long-term goal of adopting sustainable practices is reduced CapEx and can additionally fetch benefits like increased/renewed investor interest, staff retention, health and engagement of employees among others.

As a result, greenoffice stocks in India grew by 177% since 2011 and the number is increasing (CBRE India ESG 2022 Report). In a world that is morally conscious, organizations have realized that sustainability is the only way forward in achieving societal and business goals; the ones that don’t will miss out on a plethora of opportunities and future success. To know more about the latest trends in the construction segment, download our report here.