Accelerating Transformation of Flex space Trends and Innovation


Indian flex industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and technology has been a key driver behind this expansion. Flex spaces are no longer limited to start-ups and IT companies; their popularity has expanded across various sectors. It is estimated that the Indian flex industry will reach 80 million square feet by 2025. The conference featured several sessions where industry experts shared their viewpoints on different aspects of the flex industry.

Topics ranged from "Emerging Investment Trends and Tech Innovation in Flex Spaces," which saw discussion on how companies with a significant number of millennials in their workforce aim to provide a high-quality work experience, to "Accelerating Transformation and Adoption of Flex Spaces," which focused on the shift in office occupiers' preferences from long-term leases to flexible workspaces.

Another thematic session saw discussion centred around the "Transformation of Smart Cities as Vibrant Economic Centres and the Role of the Flex Space Industry." The group explored how flexible workspaces in non-metro smart cities can help alleviate congestion in larger metro cities and foster the development of vibrant economic centres throughout India.

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