CBRE CII Western Region Conference: Infrastructure Project Management

The CII Western Region conference on Infrastructure Project Management in Mumbai, was a well-attended event that featuring speaker presentations and engaging panel discussions on a variety of topics of interest to the industry.

Key theme of the conference was the growing significance of tall skyscrapers in India. Experts shared perspectives on the benefits of tall buildings in terms of improving urban lifestyle, alleviating stress on modern-day city infrastructure, and providing solutions to urban development challenges. They also stressed on the important role of project management services in realizing the development of tall buildings.

Another interesting theme at the conference was the future of sustainability and ESG principles in construction. Speakers shared insights on importance of ESG principles in shaping the future of project management, and how the construction industry can walk the path to carbon neutrality. They also discussed the challenges and opportunities of digital innovations in the construction industry.

In addition to above key themes, the conference also featured conversations on a variety of other topics, such as cost inflation and supply chain disruptions with regards to the construction industry.

Overall, the conference was a valuable opportunity for participants to learn from and network with leading professionals in the field of infrastructure project management.