CBRE CII Conference: Infrastructure Management - Value Creation in Changing Real Estate Environment

Creating value in the fast-moving and ever-changing real estate environment has to be driven by innovation, backed by technology. Initiatives that have the potential to transform the industry as well as the environment were major points of discussion at this conference.

The conference featured multiple sessions where industry experts shared their viewpoints about the growth of urban development projects in India and evolving consumer preferences. This was followed by discussions on changing roles of the facility managers, from order management for infrastructure to using data and analytics for predictive demand management, energy savings, and equipment uptime.

There were sessions on the importance of sustainability and climate change for real estate, advances in Artificial Intelligence, and popular narratives regarding its development and management. Return to Office and how organizations should prepare for transition were also among the topics of deliberations.

The day also featured a motivational chat focused on building resilience in life and included points such as the need to incrementally reinvent ourselves, always keep looking forward not dwelling on the action in past, and never compromise on the quality of our lives.

Watch our event video for more glimpses of the day.