We believe sustainable success can only be built on a foundation of responsible business practices, and that everyone gains an advantage by adopting the values of RISE (Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence).

As the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, we recognize the impact we have on our communities, clients, employees and stakeholders – and why our pillars of corporate responsibility are key to providing industry leadership that grows our business in socially responsible ways.




The CBRE group runs a global flagship corporate responsibility program under the banner of CBRE Cares, which is supported and funded by CBRE Foundation, a non-profit, public benefit corporation that supports the CBRE group’s philanthropic initiatives, and has pledged its efforts to address the health and nutrition related concerns of migrant workers & their families (especially women and children) living in and around the various construction sites in India.

At CBRE India we believe that every life has an equal right to a good quality of living. Today, millions of migrant workers and their families are building our modern spaces but are themselves surrounded by poor housing conditions, poverty, illness and despair; and are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Our mission is to give them a chance to lift themselves out of this cycle of despair.

The first edition of CBRE Cares in India – “Ek Pehal” is a small beginning to improving lives of those with the greatest needs. As part of this initiative, it is intended that a “Social Mobility Unit” (SMU) will visit slums/jhuggis/labour colonies around the various construction sites and offer health & nutrition, basic education and awareness on sanitation practices and other services as per need identified to the migrant workers and their families. This “Social Mobility Unit” (SMU) is essentially a team of dedicated social workers, doctors, counsellors, mobilizers, etc. aimed at improving the health and well-being of children, adolescents and women living in and around these construction sites.

Looking for partnerships:
CBRE under its flagship program - Ek Pehal, is inviting proposals for the onboarding of implementing partners to showcase their capability and realize the national goals of the program. The RFP and application templates can be found below: