Indian Real Estate's ESG Landscape And Its Progress To A Sustainable Future

March 3, 2022

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As climatic, societal and ethical issues move into the limelight, businesses are now increasingly finding it imperative to develop forward-looking strategies that take ESG principles into account. As a result, ESG is fast evolving from a peripheral balance sheet issue to a key component of investment decision-making. Our first publication on this buzzing segment ‘Indian Real Estate’s ESG Landscape and its Progress to a Sustainable Future’ tries to answer the following questions:

  • Is ESG only a moral responsibility?
  • Why should RE players adopt ESG and what benefits can they derive from it?
  • Is the built-up office stock moving towards quantifiable sustainability; is there any difference at a city level?
  • Is there a rental premium that green buildings can command?
  • Are there any incentives that the government offers for ESG compliance?
  • What should developers, investors and occupiers consider as factors while framing ESG policies?
  • What will be the trends that will emerge as stakeholders align their strategies with ESG?

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