• The vacancy rate in the city decreased 70 bps from
5.7% in Q2 2017 to 5.0% in Q3 2017, and the
availability rate also decreased 70 bps from 8.1% in
Q2 2017 to 7.4% in Q3 2017.
• The London industrial market had 5,899 sq. ft. of
new supply added in Q3 2017.
• For the fourth consecutive quarter, London has
experienced an increase in product under
construction, with 542,968 sq. ft. under construction
in Q3 2017.
• Quarter-over-quarter there was a difference of
40,631 sq. ft. with 502,337 sq. ft. under
construction in Q2 2017.
• Supply remains low in the current market where
there are more buyers looking than occupiers,
however overall Q3 2017 experienced less activity
then in the previous few quarters.