The traditional process for creating tenant test-fits can be time and labor intensive, involving numerous resources and often slowing down the leasing process. Changes to a test-fit can result in rounds of revisions, incremental costs and hindrances.

Introducing CBRE’s Plans, an interactive real estate marketing and leasing tool for creating 2D and 3D floor plans, that puts real estate professionals in control of their test-fits. Through this tool, teams can quickly and seamlessly create, customize and share test-fits that meet tenant needs, while providing real-time visibility into key decision metrics, including headcount and open space. With a simple click, test-fits can be transformed into 3D immersive experiences, complete with accurate panoramic views and customizable design themes. CBRE’s Plans drives process efficiency, creates visibility and, ultimately, enhances the tenant’s transaction experience.

Key features include: 

  • CREATE: Quickly create customized test-fits, providing tenants with options, possibilities and key space-specific information for making better informed decisions.
  • EDIT: Easily change test-fits to respond to tenant needs and evolving requirements. Make changes in real-time, anywhere, using a tablet device.
  • MEASURE: Take real-time, accurate measurements of space within plans, right from the test-fit.
  • SHARE & TRACK: Seamlessly send test-fits and 3D models to professionals and tenants via web links, and track account activity directly within the tool.
  • ENGAGE: Have tenants engage with and explore test-fits using Plans on touchscreens and monitors during in-person meetings.
  • EXPLORE: Empower tenants with the ability to see how they will fit in a space and importantly, how they will live in it, via interactive 3D models.

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