‘My Story’ is a unique way through which employees at CBRE India share their experiences and those event or incident, which helped them forge a strong and unforgettable bond with the organisation and colleagues.

Stories of Our Employees

Raka Khashu
Head Marketing

Shares details about how CBRE became a way of life for her

Arvind Sundriyal
Sr. Manager- Marketing

How “his family at CBRE” helped him get out of a health trauma

Jeevan Victor
PJM Team

Shares his decade long journey at CBRE, with some very interesting incidences to recount

Kavitha Jangalapalli
Administration, Hyderabad

Shares her wonderful experience at CBRE which had its own set of turns and highs

Ashley Rozario
Front Office, Manager

Narrates the short tale of his glorious 11 years at CBRE which have cultivated a strong and unforgettable bond with the organisation

Santhosh MRP
Manager, Infrastructure and Operations, D&T

Shares his experience of manning the Hyderabad IT team for the past 12 years

Kunal Shah
Manager, IT

Shares his experience of being the Mr. Fix it of Mumbai and Ahmedabad office

Manimala Roy
Senior Director, GWS Team

Shares her interesting journey of how CBRE helped her prepare for the world – just like a family!

Haripriya Ashwin
Project Manager, PJM

Shares her journey of being - A Tomboy, A Mother, An Architect - But first a Woman

Soumya Garg
Project Manager, PJM

Shares her journey with CBRE and highlights the importance of equality in life as well as in the workplace.

V Jayachandran
CBRE Chennai

Shares his wonderful experience at CBRE and how the past 20 years at the organization have shaped him as a person.