March 30, 2021

Technology is leading to unprecedented innovation and disruption across industries. It has led us to doors that once we were unaware about.  Real estate sector is also not far behind in this evolution and is being redefined with constant shift in consumer behaviour/requirements and changing market conditions. When talking about technology, data cannot be far behind. Each day, the information the world generates is huge. It is not even possible to calculate the amount in regular terms. To be accurate, 2.5 quintillions of data is generated each day. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) highlights that India currently has 1.2 billion people with a unique digital identity, 687 million total Internet subscribers, with 12.15 GB data consumed per subscriber per month and 725 million smart phone devices. Where do one store this gargantuan amount of data? The answer, Data Center(DC).

The increasing need for data storage is expected to result in a substantial addition to the DC stock over 2020-21, which would lead to the country’s DC capacity crossing 600 MW. Data centers collect data and generate numerical statistics which are help provide statistics in today’s changing environment.

The Indian Data Centre market is witnessing a steady growth because of the increase in demand for cloud computing. Further propelled by the increase of use of Big Data, loT services and government initiatives to develop a digital economy. Not only India but other countries are benefiting from the Indian Data centers. Supply addition in the coming years is expected to be dominated by the cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Delhi-NCR. DC’s extensive use in infrastructure status has given them a boost on the global investor radar. 

CBRE expects that global players will continue to take interest in investing in the country, with a focus on backing leading operators or funding prominent developers to foray into the DC segment in 2021. Investors are likely to form partnerships with experienced operators and developers to gain exposure to the DC sector. Our potential entry routes for investors/operators include co-mingled funds, site selections, and operations.

Understanding the demand of the market, CBRE has launched Data Centre Advisory Services that enables leaders to transform their businesses with more relevant information with the least amount of effort. Our detailed analysis aids customers to leverage Data Centre & IT strategy by suggesting workload movements to the best DC/Cloud platform (depending on the application design landscape). The analysis also gives insights into systems and applications which continue to be maintained in-house.