CBRE Research

Global Research and Consulting provides a full range of research offerings to internal and external clients around the world.

​We combine our data and analytical expertise with CBRE professionals’ on-the-ground knowledge to offer insights on future market trends. The specialized team closely monitors all major markets around the world.

Our Asia Pacific team of more than 120 researchers digests data and information—macro and micro economic data, government policy, industry and consumer trends as well as real estate supply and demand dynamics—and combines that knowledge with local market expertise and insight. This dynamic is what sets our research apart, and positions CBRE as the thought leaders in the commercial real estate sector.

Approaching research as thought leaders drives us to work better with our colleagues and think differently about how we talk to our clients. We aim to communicate the results of our analysis to colleagues and clients in the most effective ways possible, working alongside them to apply the conclusions of our analysis to solve the practical challenges and business issues they face. This ensures our clients truly understand how changing economics and policies affect their real estate and occupational needs. This, in turn, helps them make better real estate decisions.

We strive to produce research that is not only accurate and timely, but also insightful, informed and thought provoking. Our research covers multiple property types, including office, retail, industrial, multi-family and leisure (from both an occupier and investment perspective). In addition to typical market reports, we also produce a range of publications that provide a more qualitative assessment of investment and occupier activity, and market sentiment. These draw heavily on the activities and experience of our market professionals, linking research conclusions with practical market observation.